All our exclusive candles are made using

100% soy wax

adding only high quality fragrance and colour



Hi Cath,
Thankyou so much . The girls had a ball and everyone was very impressed. We had a soy candle and jewellery party with 15 girls ranging from ages 4 to 13. Cathy did a fantastic job. She was lovely and accomodating for all the age groups and the girls thoughly enjoyed their time being creative. Her candles were of very high quality and smelt delicious. She brought all the equipment that was necessary and there was no mess made at all. We were all very impressed with Cathy as a host and the service that she provided. Thank you Cathy for a wonderful afternoon
Candle making for twenty four ten year old girls?, Too many? Not for Cathy!
My daughter and her friend celebrated their birthdays with heated joy - thanks to Cathy
Every child had a wonderful time and went away with a gorgous soy candle.
Thank you, Cathy. We recommend it for all.
Jina and Gabi   
Dear Cathy,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we spent with you making candles. Apart from learning a new skill, with a glass of red in hand, the candles also gave us a nice memory to take home to QLD after our weekend in the Yarra. Full marks to you for putting up with 10 very chatty woman and for making candle making fun.
Warm regards/ Leanne Marrigold, Gold Coast QLD   




Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say a big thank you for providing us with candles for my little niece Eileys little party I had for her today. She is staying with us for a week and I wanted to do something special with her. Not only did we have lots of fun (and the boys too) but wanted to let you know how special you are having such a wonderful business and sharing it with everyone in Monbulk. What a great idea and I am definitely putting it out there for people to have party’s for their children. Not only is it fun but good for our environment. I have attached a few photos for you to put up on your facebook business page.


Kelly Utting xxxx



"Our school had Cath bring her soy candle workshops/ sessions to our school as part of mother's day craft workshops held during our regular art lessons. Students from all grade levels thoroughly enjoyed making the beautifully scented and brightly coloured candles and learning a little about the process/history of these.
Cath and her assistant were fantastic with the kids, pleasant with staff and very efficient, organised and flexible with the session times and arrangements. They allowed all students to choose the candle's colour and scent. The variety of candles and mixture of scents resulted in a to-die-for aroma that wafted through our school corridors!!
I would recommend cath and her soy candle workshops to any school or organization or for any events. The mums from our school loved the candles they received for Mothers day and I personally have enjoyed the lovely one cath gave me as a gift. The candle smells delicious and burns for ages with no mess and is gorgeously presented! "
Dimitria dertilis,
Visual arts co-ordinator
Monbulk primary school 

"My friend and I had a wonderful time making the wine glass candles with Cath. It was a relaxing, and intimate experience where we had fun learning about candle making, while creating our own candles to keep. We would both love to do it again! Cath was fantastic at explaining everything to the process was very hands on! We love our candles! Thanks Cath!"
"Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you know the girls had an absolute ball of a time making the candles. They made melts, candles, & a general mess of the table LOL! We used everything!! I think I may have a little bit of a colour chip left!
Some of the comments were 'this is sooo cool', 'I'm so glad I came to the party, the rest of them (other girls) are going to be so jealous cos we are actually making them from scratch', 'These smell awesome, I cant wait to show Mum', 'this is so much fun. Thank you so much Cathy, the girls really enjoyed themselves. Cheers!"

"Hi Cath,

It was great to meet you yesterday. The children & parents enjoyed the outcome immensely. The house smelt divine for days afterwards & the children were all talking about how nice you were."
Thanks again.
St Leonards College, Brighton

'Dear Cath,
Just to let you know how delighted I was to receive one of your lovely wine glass candles.
I had some friends visiting from New Zealand and they were in a shop in Leongatha where they had one burning and were so captivated by the fragrance and appeal, that they couldn't resist buying one for me.
We lit it last night and were so impressed that I wanted to thank you for the obvious effort that you've put in to the research, development, production and marketing of this product and I wish you and your partner all the success you deserve.'
Kind regards
Jo Rawson

"Thank you so much Cath for working with our programs. The children loved it and our staff think you are amazingly patient! Looking forward to working with you again and again."
Bella Cooke
Holiday Program Manager

Nathania Springs, Receptions, Monbulk, Vic